Poetry From Amar

Our Butterfly Within

In the sadness of despair, loss, broken hearts and loneliness inside us

There lies a little butterfly within

that is destined to break free from its shell of solitary, and become an angel of love to spread its wings far and wide

Letting nothing get in its way of the true compassion that lies within us

To show the world that that this is where lies the true peace

Don’t forget of the butterfly that is within us all, that only wants to be free of its walls of fear, sadness and grief that it wants to shed off

To feel the true loving spirit that’s within our hearts

Love yourself, you are never alone sweet one

Transform into that Butterfly and fly high in the skies of Peace, Compassion, Love, Beauty, Selflessness and forever happiness within our hearts of plenty to give to the world all around always and forever

Love and light,
By Amar Donaire